it's to do with probably folder permissions, the folder all your web files
are should have IUSR_machinename added to the folder with full rights, the
login box should then not appear...

"Shaun Garriock" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
The problem I am having is as follows:
I setup PHP with IIS and it seems to work fine. I am creating a Intranet
site and would like to obtain the user logged on to the networks
username. I have setup basic auth but when I visit the site it asks me
for my username and password before I can get in. Integrated Windows
Auth is turned off. When I turn it on and try to login it says login
failed. I know that ASP can have a script added to the page to turn pass
through auth but I need one for PHP.
I am using $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["LOGON_USER"] to get the username and it
works when I login. I just need to get rid of the login box.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Shaun Garriock

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