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> Tried that

I'm thinking you haven't, but I might be wrong. The HTML you showed
us previously was of a form tag. The action attribute of that form
tag is where your problem lies.


See? It is still wrong. Remember, you will know when you fix your
problem when this form tag looks like this:


Yours still does not look like this.

> <input type="hidden" name="ref" value"<? php echo
rawurlencode($ref); ?>">

See, I am guessing that you are doing this on the next page. Meaning,
you are URL encoding this:


This is what $_GET["ref"] is going to be if you do not correct your
form tag like I am describing.

<input type="hidden" name="ref"

Exactly as I would expect. Focus on fixing your form tag. This other
URL encoding you are doing on this hidden form variable is actually
unnecessary, because the browser is going to do it again for you.

Hope that clears it up for you.


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