Hello Everyone:
First of all: I've been dealing with PHP for less than 24 hours, so please
forgive me if my questions are too basic...

I'm using Xitami on a Windows 2000 server. I installed PHP and it seems to
be working fine, but then, I tried to add a few file management scripts:

PHP Commander - http://szewo.com/php/ and
QTO File Manager - http://www.qto.com/fm

Both seem to initialize correctly at first, but when I try to use the
interface - press buttons to upload files or navigate to subdirectories -
nothing happens.

I suspect that it is something related to the php server setup; I already
tried to change the INI file in my W2000 forder, allowing uploads.

My whole objective is to create a public file repository for our company.

Please? Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
Bastian - Denver, CO.
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