A few people using IE have complained that when they click the 'Back' button 
to edit their registration form, all info is lost and they're presented with 
a blank form.

I've read archives on this, and I really don't know what to do. The referring 
page starts with 

<?php session_start()  ob_start(); ?> and I know the session variables are 
passed. The referring page is headered to the check page where users would 
click 'Back'

The session variables are there too. Is there some way that I could:

(a)  Prevent the 'blank-form-syndrome'


(b)  Encode the <input type=text size=20 name=rfname> so that the name is 
filled in  - I've tried:

<input type=text size=20 name=rsname <?php if($_SESSION['rfname'] != 
''){print "value='{$_SESSION['rfname']}'';}>

but I just get a ? in the value field, not the name.


(c)  As much as hate to use it, javascript. I've coded everything without it, 
so only if I can't accomplish a reasonable approximation of 'Back' in a php 


(d)I read in one of the last archived messages about a workaround. After the 
user clicks 'Back' and is confronted with a now-virgin form,  all they have 
to do is click 'Refresh' in IE. Question is, does IE have a 'Refresh' button, 
and does this, in fact, work? I have no way of testing this since I only have 
Linux running. So, if some kind soul could verify whether this is true, it 
would save me a whole pile of coding! 

I would be very grateful for any suggestions on to retrieve hyper-lost data 
input using php.

Tia, Andre

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