On Wednesday 27 November 2002 15:52, Adharsh Praveen R wrote:
> hai php-general,
> I want to know how can I redirect the browser to contact to a new ip
> address of the same server.
> In Detail
> I have a server say (eth0) running apache.( Linux Machine
> running Apache).
> I contact the server through a client(Browser), through this client
> I change the
> IP address of the server, from to
> (After entering IP Address in the text field and clicking on the button
> save I call

Presumably this is done in a form and submitted to a php page which then calls 
your perl script?

> a perl script which calls ifconfig to change the address,perl script is
> called with exec()   ).
> After few seconds I get "Page cannot be found" message as the browser
> tries to contact
> the old IP address.
> How can I make the client point to the new IP address of the same
> server?

Have your php output a meta refresh tag.

> I can show the code also.

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