Hi Mike;

> sorry for posting this mysql question again. im searching for a report
> builder for mysql specifically for creating reports for
> invoice/receipt..etc.
> just like crystal reports and oracle report builder. or  is there any
> suggestion to do it  in PHP .

On my travels (FWIW) I have seen nothing as sophisticated as
Crystal/Oracle*Reports (and certainly not open/free) - however I have been
v.pleased not to be asked to provide such (well I was once, but he was such
an Excel 'expert', I gave him the data and let him while away many 'happy'

You have reminded me that before I was dragged away onto another
project/product set, I had started to play with JaneBuilder
(www.seejanecode.com/). Which is really simple but seems to do a heap of
basic 'grunt work' of turning table schema into display/data-entry forms,
etc. May be a start!?

Please let us know your findings,

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