At 09:58 27.11.2002, Stéphane Génin said:
>I want to read the parameters in the URL, but I can't find the right way to
>do that. I've tried several things :
>my URL is:  http://localhost/test.php?id=abc

Check out the PHP manual at

>I tried to use the $id, but in this case, I have a notice with 'undefined
>I have the same problem if I try the variable $QUERY_STRING (still undefined
>Do you know what is the best way to read this parameters?

Most certainly, register_globals is OFF in your php.ini. This is the
default setting since PHP 4.2, for security reasons. Read
on the security issues with register_globals = on.

To access parameters, generally use the superglobals arrays $_GET
(parameters passed in the URL), $_POST (passed in posted forms), $_REQUEST
(both get and post combined), and $_COOKIE (cookies passed to your script).

Hope this gets you started. You may always find it helpful to refer to the
_extremely_ well done online manual at


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