Perhaps he wants to track downloads of files and obscure the physical

"Justin French" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> > I am a newbie in this PHP world.  I was just looking around for
> > information on Download of files using PHP.
> > I need to provide link/button, by clicking which a user can download a
> > (Say a CSV file..). Does PHP provide any class or methods to achieve the
> > same...? Looking forward for your suggestions ...
> Why do you need it to be anything to do with PHP?  You need to tell us
> information, because plain HTML like this works fine:
> <a href="myfile.csv">Click here to download the CSV file</a>
> ...but I assume you want to restrict file downloads to only logged in
> or you wish to count the number of downloads, or something else??
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