Is the connection still valid after changing the IP?
I think this should work:
You should run your perl script from within shutdown function, so it is run after the connection is closed
and any output is sent to the browser. Send header('Refresh: 5; url=http://NEW_IP/next_page.php');
to redirect the browser after five seconds, also print some html informing the user he will be redirected,
then exit. Your shutdown function will be called, and you can change the ip

Adharsh Praveen R wrote:

hai php-general,

I want to know how can I redirect the browser to contact to a new ip
address of the same server.

In Detail

I have a server say (eth0) running apache.( Linux Machine
running Apache).

I contact the server through a client(Browser), through this client
I change the

IP address of the server, from to

(After entering IP Address in the text field and clicking on the button
save I call

a perl script which calls ifconfig to change the address,perl script is
called with exec() ).

After few seconds I get "Page cannot be found" message as the browser
tries to contact

the old IP address.

How can I make the client point to the new IP address of the same

I can show the code also. Please help.


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