On Monday 25 November 2002 20:44, manh wrote:
> I am a beginner of PHP/MySQL. I have tried several times to install PHP3
> and MySQL (free products) to conduct some web pages for my company, but
> lots of trouble came up. I just followed the instruction on www.php.net
> but it did not help.
> Can you help me? Thanks.
> Manh.

I am also a beginner, and i have't found any trouble to install and use 
Apache-PHP-Mysql: but here i get you some hints:
1) the last version of PHP is 4.2.x: this major version( 4,x.x.) has a lot of 
features for connecting PHP-MySQL-Apache.
2) Installation of MYSQL is (with SUSE) more easy if you try to install the 
rpm(binary) version.

The best (obviusly) is to intall source package and then compiling it with all 
the options you want.
but isn't so easy doing......

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