Is this a password reminder script?

Or a 'guessing'/knowledge game to get access to a certain page?


on 28/11/02 4:52 AM, Vicky ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I'm looking to code a script that does the following. Please bear with me as
> I'm a total novice at this ^^!
> It's sort of like a multiple password thing. Users need to type in between 3
> and 6 (I will be changing the use of this script and sometimes there will
> only be 3 answers sometimes as many as 6) things. If they get it right
> they'll be redirected to a page, if they get it wrong either a javascript
> prompt will popup saying "Incorrect" or they'll be redirected to a different
> page.
> I'm not sure if I'll put a limit on how many times they can guess, so if you
> could tell me how I would put a limit (say 10 guesses a day) I'd be
> greatful.
> Thank you! Please try and make your replies detailed so I can understand
> them ^_~

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