Added to this: you won't receive the immediately, so you are not able to tell the user that sending
the mail has failed.

DL Neil wrote:

Hello Ade,

Is it possible to detect with PHP whether an email sent using the PHP
'mail' function has bounced back or has not been delivered?

I currently all ready check the email address using the 'ereg' function
before the mail function is called, but this only checks the format is
valid beforehand.

Yes, and No!

If you use the ReturnPath header SOME/most email servers will bounce msgs
that they can't deliver to an actual mailbox back to you (others drop such
msgs onto an Admin somewhere, lose them in the ether (the msgs not the
Admins...) etc, etc). Accordingly, use a distinct address for this/email
filing rules.

Opt-in email schemes which send a welcome/confirm email to new customers do
so for this reason - the only way to verify an email address is to use it
(and get some feedback from the addressee).

Of course, once you have 'located' a new user, you still have to cope with
those who close email accounts without advising you...

It's a wonderful world!

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