I've got this coed but it still don't do the business:
$sizez= sizeof($handle);
$string= 'foo';
 while ( fgets($handle,$sisez)
 { fputs($handle,$sizez);

    if (strstr($handle,$string)){
Any ideas?

"Jeff Ringrose" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Justin,
>  Option b. delete all AFTER "foo", I.E. truncate the file directly after
> "foo". Leaving "foo" and all the data before "foo" untouched.
> Jeff
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> > Quick one, how do i read a file for a key word, say "TEXt", and the
> > the rest of the remaining file?
> Do you mean:
> a) how do i make sure a word (eg "foo") is in a file, and if it is, delete
> all contents of the file except the word "foo" OR
> b) how do i search a file for the word "foo", and delete everything in the
> file AFTER the word "foo"
> ??
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