It works, partially. I can upload the file, but it's named "array".

On fredag, nov 29, 2002, at 16:28 Europe/Stockholm, Beth Gore wrote:

Hi Magnus,

Your problem was you weren't using the correct part of the $_FILES array when using copy();

Cut and Past This:

if ($ok){
$res = copy($bilde_fil[tmp_name], $path."/".$nyttnavn.$ending);
print ($res)?"<b>Ferdig</b>, uploadet ".$nyttnavn.$ending."!<br>":"<b>Sorry</b>, Kunne ikke uploade.<br>";
print "<br>";

The Important bit is the "$bilde_fil[tmp_name]" bit. This means it's copying the file from the temporary location on the server to your chosen location.

Also, as a side note, replace this too:

$MAX_FILE_SIZE = 1000000;
$bilde_fil = $_FILES['bilde_fil']; // HTTP_POST_FILES
$nyttnavn = $_POST['nyttnavn'];
$ending = $_POST['ending'];

if($bilde_fil[size] > $MAX_FILE_SIZE)
die("<b>Sorry</b>, Kunne ikke uploade.<br>");

$path="upload"; //Mappa som bildene skal havne i (husk den siste '/')

Don't set $MAX_FILE_SIZE using $_POST variables for security reasons - someone could very easily alter it in the HTML file!!!

Beth Gore

magnus nilsson wrote:

I have trouble using upload scripts - none of them work on my current config. I'vq got php 4.2.3 and global registerd = off. The problem is that the script doesnt send the variable $_FILES['my_file'] as it should. I can only upload if i hard code the filename into the >> script.

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