Hi, I'm using the following code:

$x = imap_open("{mail.xxxx.com:110/pop3}INBOX", "[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "xxxx");
echo $x ? "YAY!" : "NO YAY!<BR>" . implode("<BR>", imap_errors());

It works fine on my local server, but as soon as I try it on the live 
machine it gives me:

Retrying CRAM-MD5 authentication after
Retrying CRAM-MD5 authentication after Invalid userid/password
Retrying CRAM-MD5 authentication after illegal command
Retrying CRAM-MD5 authentication after authentication exchange failed
Can not authenticate to POP3 server: authentication exchange failed

Which is just mean, the local server is Debian 2.2 running PHP 4.0.3pl1 and 
the live one is Slackware 8.1-rc1 running PHP 4.2.1.  The mail server seems 
to identify itself as IMail 6.02.  The live server can telnet into the mail 
server okay so it's not a connection problem and it can connect to 
different mail servers without problems.

After extensive googling I found something in Norwegian which I guessed was 
saying to try replacing the "@" in the login to "\$", which was tried... as 
before, worked locally but failed live.  So I gave up and decided to leave 
it to better minds than mine, ie. you.

Thanks in advance.

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