Paul O'Neil wrote:

Dumb question here but whats the general practice regarding putting a
"website last updated:" entry on a web page? Does the web master manually
enter in today's date in a database table entry and let PHP display. Is it
statically added to the HTML page? Etc...

I've just implimented that very thing in my site! Very simple. I have a MySQL table that features master site details, including the stylesheet, site title, that sort of thing. One column is a Datetime type.

In all the admin pages that add anything new to the site, the last update time is updated using:

$SQL = "UPDATE site SET LastUpdate='".date("Y-m-d G:i:s")."' WHERE SiteID=1";
$result = mysql_query($SQL);

Then, in the site's standard footer I have the following:

<p class="scribbles">Last Updated:
$timestamp = strtotime($sitedata["LastUpdate"]);
echo date("G:i, D \T\h\e jS of M, Y ",$timestamp);


This then shows the last update time on the browser, and I also set the page to expire at that time, so in that way (I understand) browsers know if the page has been updated since you last looked.

Beth Gore

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