Thanks for the help and suggestions everybody!
I think some of my problems stemmed from the affiliate links being
redirected and PHP saw that as dead(so to speak)... but I think I got it
now. I made another column in the database to note a redirection for ones
that the url fails but the $url[host] passes.

Robert Packer

"Chris Hewitt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Rob Packer wrote:
> >Okay, I'm confused... file, fopen, and fsockopen seem to say not found on
> >alot valid URLs...  does this look to be correct usage?
> >$url = $row[0]; // just get the url from the db
> >$fp = implode ('', file ($url));
> > if (!$fp) {echo "<font color=red><b>Unable to access file</b></font>"; }
> > else { fclose($fp); echo "The link is working!"; }
> >
> >It seems I always get this warning...
> >
> >Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in
> >/web/home/ on line 11
> >
> I think you have assigned $fp to be the imploded string, not a file
> pointer. Thus fclose($fp) would generate an error. Given this, I'm not
> sure what  "if (!$fp)" would mean.
> Chris

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