On Sunday 01 December 2002 18:33, Vicky wrote:
> Hiya ^_^
> I have a guestbook I coded myself using PHP. In the corner it keeps record
> of the entry number, but when I delete and entry the entries posted after
> it don't go back to catch up. So the entry numbers skip from 22 to 24, for
> example.

You're probably using some kind of 'autoincrement' field for your entry 

> Is there anyway to stop this happening, so if i delete an entry the next
> one will follow on instead of being the number it would have been if i
> hadn't deleted the entry?

The short answer is if you want that kind of behaviour then you shouldn't be 
using an autoincrement field.

The quick solution, if you intend to continue the autoincrement field, is to 
number the entries manually when you're displaying them: Something along the 
lines of:

  $count = 0;
  while ($row(mysql_fetch_array($result_id))) {
    echo "Entry $count";

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