Monday, December 2, 2002, 4:06:54 PM, you wrote:
CA> Hi all,

CA> I'm making a site with a dynamic menu based on IF statements and DB
CA> queries, but have this little problem which I can't understand the
CA> reason. My programming method is based upon an application.php file
CA> which controls the hole site and paths, template files for the header &
CA> footer and main PHP files which includes all the needed files that I
CA> mentioned before.

CA> As an example of this, the header TITLE tag has a <?=$TITLE?> variable
CA> to take a different title for each page and after that, I put a
CA> $LOCATION variable to tell the menu() function which page is being
CA> displayed (different menus for products, about us, etc.) but the menu()
CA> function (fetched from a library) is not recognizing this $LOCATION
CA> variable. I'm declaring it as a GLOBAL inside the function, but nothing
CA> happens. Here's part of my code:

CA> This is part of my product's index.php file:

 Your if statements should be like this:

 if ($LOCATION == "productos") //needs the double '=' sign

 otherwise $LOCATION is always set to  productos


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