Hi All

I am currently working on a simple document management system in PHP.
Metadata and revision
histories and other relevant data is stored in a PostgreSQL database.

I would like to set up this system so that there is NO access to any
documents through the filesystem
(web folders etc.)

Hence, the ideal situation is the following:
(much simplified)

The user is sent to an URL such as:


This script document.php pushes the Word Document (or whatever type of
document it may be) to the user's
browser which in turn loads the relevant application. Now, normally when a
user clicks "Save" it will attempt to
save the file back to the Temporary Internet Files directory or something

I would like to make it possible for the user to simply be able to hit
Save. The request is then sent back (a webdav request)
to http://www.blah.com/document.php?docid=9994112 where this script can
then retrieve the body of the file saved
back to the web and then store it on the server file system as it pleases.
That PHP script then updates the metadata in the
PostgreSQL database.

So basically what I want to use of WebDAV is its facility for saving "back
to the web". I'm not really interested in locking
or versioning etc.

Will PHP and WebDAV support what I am looking for here? If not, is there
anything else that will? The key point is that
I must give the users a transparent way of saving back to the web without
them having any access to the documents
through shares etc.

Thanks in advance.

Adam Whitehead
Software Developer - CSM Technology
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Ph: (08) 89361 455 ** Mobile (0411) 241 120

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