I'm new to PHP, but from Lasso I'm used to the following sort of arrangement
(in pseudo-code)

Search for matching records
If number found=1
  include "/folder/subfolder/file1"
If number found>1
 include "/folder/subfolder/file2"
If number found=0
 include "/anotherfolder/subfolder/file99"

where the included file contains the appropriate code for displaying a list,
a detailed record etc. In fact the whole page is made up almost entirely
from a succession of included files.

The paths all "hang" from the root as with HTML (for example <img

In PHP the include_path stops this process in its tracks. I'm with an ISP so
I don't suppose I can control include_path (.:/usr/local/lib/php). Are there
any other options?


Roddie Grant

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