Hi everyone:


I just read the reply from Jason Wong pretty much just about my
question. Using the ini_set() command at the top of all my pages I think
would work out ok, but when I upload my pages to the server, how can I
dynamically set the include path to match the root of my web folder on
the shared server?


I am working on a website, and I have a shared hosting account on a
win2k machine. When I upload from my local machine to the shared hosting
machine I have to change a variable on each of my pages that gives me
the proper path to including the necessary files to execute the page
properly. If I don't I get an error.


I've included a link to the error message below. As an aside, I picked
up this piece of software that lets me grab HTML or other content from
web pages and puts it into its own window and gives me a link to it. I
am finding it way handy for sharing these errors that I get with other
people. They just click the link to view the error, rather then getting
a ton of debug code in an email message. I highly recommend trying it
out, makes my life a lot easier.




So my question is, Is there a way to make a custom PHP.INI sort of thing
that works only for my site, that I can include in my pages so I don't
have to keep changing the dang path every time I want to do an upload?
I'm sure someone must have a solution to this. 





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