Hello guys

Well, I've been trying to upload a file without much success so far.  So I'm trying 
to find the error but honestly this has become a real puzzle for me.

I’ve got the following form:

<form enctype=\"multipart/form-data\" name=\"book_add\" method=\"post\" 
<tr><td class=\"nolink\">File to upload:</td>
<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"MAX_FILE_SIZE\" value=\"2000\">
<td><input type=\"file\" name=\"formfile\"></td>

The action thing just passes the results to a function for it to process the upload, 
like this:

if ($management)
    //Several cases
    case 8:
           do_upload_file($_POST, $_FILES)

You may guess what the "do_upload_file" function is for, but all I'm doing at the 
moment with it is trying to find out what the hell is going on here, so there it is:

function do_upload_file($_POST, $_FILES)
   if (is_array($_FILES))
        echo "$_FILES is ok<br>";

  if (is_array($_POST))
        echo "$_POST is ok<br>";
    echo "File tmp_name: ".$_FILES['formfile']['tmp_name']."<br>";
    echo "File size: ".$_FILES['formfile']['size']."<br>";
    echo "File type: ".$_FILES['formfile']['type']."<br>";
    echo "Error: ".$_FILES['formfile']['error'];

The results when trying to upload any kind of file but text/plain ones:

$_FILES is ok
$_POST is ok
File tmp_name: none
File size: 0
File type: application/pdf

As you can see the file type is being detected (I already tried with the most common 
types: rtf, doc, xls, zip, ppt, pdf) but I'm getting nothing for name or size.  I'm 
also not getting any error message.

If I run the script with a text/plain file it goes through it without a problem.

I can't see an error in the way I am handling this upload thing, I also tried not 
passing the values to a function but doing it directly in the case statement with the 
same results.

Does anyone have a good idea of what's going on here?  Hope someone does for I just 
run out of ideas.

Thanks a lot

                         Wilmar Pérez
                     Network Administrator
                       Library System
                      Tel: ++57(4)2105962
                    University of Antioquia
                       Medellín - Colombia

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