I've done something similar (encrypt a message, send it to a client, let
them decrypt locally), and so far, the easiest solution was to simply
install PHP and Apache on their PC.

You could also check out PGP-GTK, which is a cross-platform, client-side
extension to PHP for making GUI's... haven't worked with it yet, but I plan
to soon.

on 03/12/02 9:32 AM, Geoff Caplan ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I need to encrypt short strings in PHP, using mcrypt by preference,
> email it to the customer, and have him decrypt the string on the
> Windoze desktop.
> But all the Windows encryption utilities I can find use proprietary
> file formats - none can decrypt the string output by mcrypt. Can
> anyone help me out here - I am running out of time. Either an open
> source or a commercial solution would be fine.

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