> I want to have my website split into several
> subdomains with a shared user system. That is to say that when someone
> logs into
> foo.mysite.com they'd also be logged into bar.mysite.com when they go
> it.  It is my understanding that php sessions will not work in this
> being that each subdomain has its own sessions.  If this is the case,
> there a
> way around this?  If it is the case and there isn't a way around this,
> this able to be done with regular cookies?  

You'll want to implement your own session handler and store the data in
a database. Then you can access and load the session variables from any
domain with access to the database. 

> Also, php sessions only last a
> certain amount of time.  I'd like for users to remain logged in
> indefinitely if
> they choose to do so while logging in.  Assuming this is absolutely
> impossible in sessions, is it feasible to use php sessions as the
basis of
> my user system, but use cookies as a secondary to it if users choose
> remain logged
> in?  Any help at all would be really appreciated, because I'd like to
> the new version of my site rolled out soon.

If you want a "remember me" feature, then you'll have to implement
something with cookies. Sessions will remain active as long as the user
is active. If they are inactive for a certain amount of time (which you
can set in php.ini) then their session file will be erased. 

Hope that helps.

---John Holmes...

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