On Sun, 1 Dec 2002, Ryan Smaglik wrote:

> Has anyone found any other means of opening an existing pdf file and adding
> text to it?  The only thing I could find is the  PDI + PDFlib commercial
> combo which I do not have the $1000 to dish out right now...
> Any Ideas?

  While the PDFlib/PDI combo is the only way that's actually been stated
  to work...  It bears remembering that PDF files are modified Postscript,
  and tools to convert PDF to/from Postscript do exist.  Perhaps you can
  build something by converting the PDF to PS, which should be text you
  can read and manipulate, then convert back to PDF.  The utilities I'm
  thinking of are ps2pdf and pdf2ps, which seem to be part of the
  Ghostscript package and ship with most Linux distros...

  Hoep this helps!

   Morgan Hughes
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