I know this is probably a day late and a dollar short but I was curious
myself whether this would be a good outlet to use for reports for a client
and wondered if there was such a thing.  After seeing your post I went to
there site and it looks like you have to have the PDI side to be able to
modify existing ones.  The $1,000.  Was there a reason you thought there was
some other solution?

Larry S. Brown
Dimension Networks, Inc.
(727) 723-8388

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Subject: [PHP] PDF Help Please

I need to figure out by tonight how to:
1. open a .pdf file using php.
2. add text to certain parts of it.
3. save it and output to browser.
4. Then delete the temp file so the process can be done over again.

I have PDFlib but not the $1000 PDI addition....

Please help,


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