Not exactly sure what you mean here. Do you mean you'd like to get a C or 
C++ library to work inside PHP, or get PHP to work inside of a C or C++ 

If it's the former, then you want to build an extension to PHP. There are 
lots of examples in the ext directory.

If it's the latter, then look at sapi/embed, which lets you cram the PHP 
interpreter into any sort of application or library. It's still 
experimental, but it's a step in the right direction.


Stephan Seidt wrote:

> Hi
> I'm thinking about the best way to connect a c(++)
> binary with the php interpreter. I thought the best
> solution is to use a shared library which has been
> built by php. Is always the same or are
> the libraries for apache / apache2 / roxen / etc
> different ? I think the parameter --with-apxs
> or whatever is just given so that php knows
> what it has to do, right ?

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