I was wondering how I could have a local PHP (4.2.3) script running on Apache
1.3.27 / WinXP Pro send my current local IP address to a remote server running
PHP 4.1.2, RedHat 7.3 & Apache 1.3.26.. In the Linux based script, I'd want it
to basically display my current IP address to friends who know the remote URL to
connect to my FTP/HTTP server(s) and grab mp3s, etc..

I'm a complete newbie, and in my php.net/google.com searches the only thing I've
come across is something called a CRON Job.. From my little experience and
understanding, I've always thought a Cron Job was something that only was valid
on *nix platforms and not Win32.. Am I mistaken?  My remote linux server has a
dedicated IP, although my Win32 machine obviously doesn't.. I assume this would
make it easier to communicate from local to remote?

>From my little understanding, I assume the local script would need to place my
IP address in a variable (within say: ipaddy.inc) and the remote script would be
updated as the variable was read from ipaddy.inc when someone visited the

If anyone could point me to a tutorial, function name(s) or offer some code to
get me started, I'd greatly appreciate it.. Apache & PHP load on my local
(Win32) machine when it boots and it's always running.. I just can't get past
the auto-run-a-local-php-script area for the most part..


Take care.. peace..

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