$array = ($var1, $var2, $var3, $var4);
for (...)
    $counter = $counter % 4;
    // "%" is the "mod-" operator which returns the rest of the division $counter / 4
    // here you use the variable $array[$counter]

HTH, Bastian

Rodrigo De Oliveira schrieb:

> Hi guys I really need to find a way diferent from the functions that come with php 
>like mcrypt, cause my server do not use these. I would really apreciate some sort of 
>exemple, since I'm not being able to crack the thing. Since I'm trying not to simply 
>change the characters from one to another, it more dificult. It would be usefull like 
>to have 4 variables with the alphabet and the first letter were taken from the first 
>variable and the second from the second variable, and this foward, my problem starts 
>when the number of variables isn't enough for all letters to be changed, so how to 
>start the fifth letter in the first variable instead to look for a fifth variable 
>that isn't there?
> Thanks,
> Rodrigo

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