Thanks for all.

My end it is Apache 1.3.27 and PHP 4.3.2 in Win32 system NT 4.0.

I have the php.ini auto_prepend_file  like this:

All work fine with this configuration of the php.ini.

For same reason I must to do not configure php.ini and the directives
auto_prepend_file must be null like auto_prepend_file =.

I have discovered ini_alter function but I do not be able to work in my

My script it is like:


if(ini_alter('auto_prepend_file', $path.'systemVariables.php'))
 echo "<br>ini_alter success<br>";
 echo "<br>ini_alter failed<br>";

but do not work.

If I change the ini_alter with include() it work all fine but I do not
want to use include or require function.

have sameone an idea about this code do not work??

Thanks for all and if it is possible reply to me also to e-mail follow.


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