Thursday, December 5, 2002, 7:26:57 AM, you wrote:
S> Sorry for the uncontrolable emaling to the list but I'm in rather a stump.
S> You may be hearing a lot from me over the next few days too.

S> Anyway, I mentioned before my form with the addition that loops to the
S> number of numbers the user wants to add. Now to the part of the actual
S> addition, how could I loop that out also?

S> Here's what I'm trying to do right now but naturally, it doesn't work:

S>  $output = 0;
S>  $current = 1;
S>  do
S>  {
S>   $output .= $num.$current +
S>   $current++;
S>  } while($current <=  $_POST['vars']);

S> Any help would be great! Thanks!

S> Thanks,
S> Stephen Craton
S> http://www.melchior.us

S> "What is a dreamer that cannot persevere?" -- http://www.melchior.us

something like

$output = 0;
 $current = 1;
  $x = 'num'.$current;
      $output += $_POST[$x];
 } while($current <=  $_POST['vars']);


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