Thank you! This is actually what I was wanting to do all along but I'm
rather noobish when it comes to arrays. I can get by with them on MySQL and
anything else, I suck at. Thanks again!

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> On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Stephen wrote:
> > This is only a snippet, there is more to it but for simplicities sake...
> > Then I calculate it. My question is, how would I loop the adding? I hope
> > understand this now...
> Ah!, I think I understand better now.  You want to add num1, num2, num3,
> ... numN, which are inputs from the second form in your sequence.  Gotcha.
> If you name /all/ the form elements as "nums[]" instead of individually as
> "num${current}", the numbers put into the form will all be accessible in
> one array to the PHP script that does the adding.  Then you can just loop
> over the array of numbers.
> In your second form, change this:
> "<input name="num<?php echo $current; ?>" type="text" id="vars" value="0"
>  size="25">"
> To this:
> "<input name="nums[]" type="text" id="vars" value="0" size="25">
> Then in the script that adds the numbers:
> $total = 0;
> foreach( $_POST['nums'] as $number ){
> $total += $number;
> }
> Hopefully I understood your problem this time!  Let me know if I missed
> again.
> g.luck,
>         ~Chris

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