I'm passing form variables from a script that is meant to display information to be updated in a mysql database, and it sends these to a script that updates the changed values. The problem is, I have a number of the same field being passed. For example, I have two fields in an html form - Resource and Task, that need to be updated in a specific table, let's call it Projects. However, I need to update every Resource and Task in table Projects. So if there were 5 rows in Projects, the script would display the values for Task and Resource for all 5 rows, so that would total 10 input boxes. Obviously, I loop the display of these variables in input boxes as to get all 5 rows. So in order to send the variables to the script that will update them, they need to be unique - right? I can't have the input name="Resource" for each one, so in the loop on the form I resolved this by appending a number to each one - e.g. input name="Resource1", input name="Task1", input name="Resource2", ... etc. So now I have the unique variables I need, the problem is that I have no idea how to loop through them in the update script and update each one accordingly. Can someone give me an idea how to do this? I'd love to use an array, but I don't think you can pass an array value from a form and have it work on the update script - e.g. input name="Resource[0]"...

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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