PHP isn't my strong language so I need your help. I'm writing a patch to a shopping cart called fishcart < http://fishcart.org > The following code works well in another page. I pass the variable $related to the page that I'm patching:

$fcrp=new FC_SQL;
$fcrp->query("select relprod from cubaprodrel where relsku='$related' order by relseq");
while( $fcrp->next_record() ){
$fcrpl->query("select * from cubaprodlang where prodlsku='$rsku' ".
"and prodlzid=$zid and prodlid=$lid");
$pname = strip_tags($fcrpl->f("prodname"));
$pheight = strip_tags($fcrpl->f("prodpich"));
$ppic = strip_tags($fcrpl->f("prodpic"));
$ptpic = strip_tags($fcrpl->f("prodtpic"));

There is already an established connection to the d'base. The first line of code works fine. The query doesn't appear to choke. But the third line pointing to the next_record() chokes. Any suggestions, or isn't this enough to go on?

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