This is further to my post yesterday on Max File Size.

I was able to set upload_max_filesize to 7900000 and I can therefore upload
files up to that size.  I would now like to increase that limit, but I am
limited by post_max_size which defaults to 8M.  I can't seem to change the
value of post_max_size.

The post_max_size directive is not in my php.ini; however, I tried inserting
it into php.ini and setting it to 16000000 and to 16M.   I inserted it just
before the directive, gpc_order  = "GPC".  The change is ignored by
phpinfo(), that is, phpinfo() still shows post_max_size = 8M.

Furthermore, I tried resetting it using ini_set("post_max_size", "16M"), and
ini_set("post_max_size", "16000000"), but neither of these had any effect.

Any suggestion for how I might reset post_max_size.  I'm using PHP 4.0.6.

Thanks in advance.


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