> I'm having some problems with sessions on this project I am doing for this
> one class.  I know what I am doing with sessions on a certain level, as I
> use them with ASP and JSP apps.  I notice that when I do session_start()
> session SID or PHPSESSID doesnt appear until you refresh that page or go
> the next page, I need the session to start on index, so do I have to plop
> refresh statement in there?  And why is it you have to do a
> on every page, could you put that in a header and have it be the same?

Sure, place it in an include file. Or turn on session.auto_start in php.ini
and you'll never have to call it. Why do you need to refresh. The SID
constant may not be available, but you can use session_id() to get it's

---John Holmes...

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