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> The second thing that should happen is that if there are actually no
> subcategories for the selected category then subcat_id should equal 0 and
> the script should redirect back to the same page with the GET variables of
> cat_id and subcat_id (which is equal to zero at this point). The problem is
> that I cannot redirect with a header() function because content is already
> sent to the browser at the beginning of the script (the list of
> categories). Is there any other way that I can redirect and send the
> variables of cat_id and subcat_id to the page in the second situation
> mentioned earlier? Register Globals is on.

1) BEFORE you output anything make your check whether you need to redirect. 
After all, if you're going to be redirecting, why output anything at all?


2) Use the output buffering functions.

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