I'm using the following function to generate a random string:

function randstring($minasc = 32,$maxasc = 255,$minlength = 0,$maxlength = 0){
//If maximum length is lower than minimum length, return string representation of false
if($maxlength != 0 and $minlength != 0 and $minlength > $maxlength){
return '';
//Initialize $return
$return = '';
//Start infinite while loop, which will be exited with break;
//Add another random character to $return
$return = $return.chr(mt_rand($minasc,$maxasc));
//Break out of loop when it's time to
if((strlen($return) == $maxlength) or (mt_rand(1,2) == 2 and (strlen($return) >= $minlength or $minlength == 0) and (strlen($return) <= $maxlength or $maxlength == 0))){
//Return the value of $return
return $return;
But when I run it with:
and I check how many strings it generates before reaching a certain string, some strings take much longer than others. Is this just a problem with using pseudo-random numbers, or is there a better way to randomize this function?

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