Friday, December 6, 2002, 10:33:43 PM, you wrote:
GdRZ> Hello list,

GdRZ> I am running a redhat7.3 box and a customer want to get installed php with 
GD-library support

GdRZ> I want to configure php like this:

GdRZ> ./configure .... --with-gd= where is this directory?    ....

GdRZ> How can I find the directory where are the correspondent gd-lib/headers-files so 
that I can 
GdRZ> configure php with the correct gd (--with-gd="this I want to know"support?

GdRZ> Oliver Etzel

GdRZ> eu-Domains are coming
GdRZ> www.t-host.com

locate libgd
locate gd.h
that should tell you where they are hiding


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