Hi. I have studied the manual, and have scripts that indivudually display a directory 
(or list of them) and a script that displays scripts in a folder However, I am curious 
as to how to take all folders in /members directory (It will grow over time, now I 
have 3) and no matter how many folders are there (each with a zip and gzip file)I want 
it to display all folders and files inside it on one page Such as, a dynamic way to do 
this:Directory Azip | gzip Directory Bzip | gzip ... So if there are 10 directories, 
you see 10 listings like that. If 4, 4 listings and so on. I go to the manual, but 
can't figure out how to do this *dynamically* what would I physically have to do to 
make sure a list of directories in my 'list director' script includes the spitout of 
files and then link to them?

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