Thank you for your assistance.

The PHP mail scripts were taken from Julie Meloni's book on PHP called "Fast
and East" on pp. 116-117. (PrimaTech).

In fact, she writes:

"If you're using PHP4 on Windows, look for the following lines in your
php.ini file:

[mail function]
SMTP =    ; for Win32 only
sendmail_from = ;for Win32 only

You'll need to modify the last two lines so that the mail function works

1. For the SMTP entry, use 'localhost" or the name of the outgoing
mailserver you use in your e-mail client.

2. For the sendmail_from entry, enter your e-mail address.

For example in my php.ini file on Windows contains this:

[mail function]
SMTP =    localhost
sendmail_from = [EMAIL PROTECTED]


So that's what I did -using localhost - and I get:

"failed to connect".

I'm at a loss.
Please help.

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