Hi Jason,

So, I gather from your reply that I cannot add more digits to that integer 
field separated by spaces or whatever?  I sort of figured I won't be able to 
do it, so I'm trying to get things working by changing the type to varchar() 
and doing it as a string. Seems to work - with glitches.


On Friday 06 December 2002 01:39 pm, you wrote:
> On Saturday 07 December 2002 00:56, Andre Dubuc wrote:
> > I would like to update an int4 column with new values appended to the end
> > (preferably with a delimiter such as @ or a comma).
> >
> > With PostgreSQl 7.2, I can't seem to add the number with a delimiter (it
> > gives me a parser error at the delimiter). For example, If I update the
> > field 'radd' that already has  number 36 in it, it does append the new
> > number, but without any space. So, if I updated with a new number, 6, the
> > 'radd' result would now be '366' instead of '36 6'
> >
> > Without the delimiter, it might be difficult to do selects on this field
> > when I need to find a specific number within the field. (Btw, I'm using
> > $_SESSION['rid'] . . . etc instead of $rid in the actual code.) Any ideas
> > what I'm doing wrong?
> >
> > Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> Am I missing something or are you really trying to insert non-digits into
> an INTEGER field?

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