Hello. Here is the code to list all directories in my /members directory: $path = 
"./"; // even "."if ($dir = @opendir($path)) {while (($file = readdir($dir)) !== 
false) {if ($file=='.' || $file=='..' || $file=='_vti_cnf' || $file=='notes.htm' || 
$file=='showall_copy(1).php') continue;if (is_dir($path."/".$file)) {echo 
$file."<br />";}} closedir($dir);} Ok. So it shows:directory1directory2 How do I 
place the filename in the directory in a line left - right under each directory 
name?Is this possible?  (for ex.)Directoryfile 1  - file 10... Ps. I hope the format 
is correct. If not my apologies.

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