$htmlEmail = '<html><body><span class=\'someclass\'>hello $firstName
//Start loop
eval("\$thisemail = $htmlemail");
//Send mail out, using $thisemail for mail body
//End loop

rolf vreijdenberger wrote:

this problem came forth from my previously posted -Mail(): how much time-,
but is different so I posted it seperately.

I make html emails with personal stuff in it e.g.
<span class='someclass'>hello $firstName $lastName</span>

I would like to put the whole email html layout in one var, like this:
$htmlEmail = "<html><body><span class='someclass'>hello $firstName

and then I want to have the values of firstName and $lastName updated in
every iteration of a loop where I put in new Values of these vars.
In order to do this, I have to reevaluate the whole $htmlEmail variable.

Is this possible, and if so, how?

thanks a lot

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