i thought (could be wrong) that directories need execute to read within
them, files only need r+w,
to make a directory readable.. i always chmod 755 my directories and 644 my
files (or in your case
chmod 777 directories and 666 files, but i don't recommend that at all).

sometimes, i chgrp nobobdy [file/dir] and then 775 [dir] or 664 [file] so
that apache can have access,
and your user, but not anybody else. make sure that doesn't mess anything
else that might want access
locally up.

"Psy Berpunk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am running using php with apache and curl on a redhat machine.
> All the installs are very recent with recent versions.
> Processing of .phtml from the html directory is working great except:
> I am getting perm denied with fopen for a directory that is set to 666
> for permissions, and owned by the same user and group as specified in
> httpd.conf: apache
> Something strange is going on here, as I have verified and reverified
> the paths and httpd config and test code, and either 666 or ownership
> should
> be enough and I'm still getting permission denied.

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