Saturday, December 7, 2002, 6:01:19 AM, you wrote:
CD> I'm not sure why this isn't working, been banging my head at it for a couple
CD> hours now.

CD> I have a file (index.php), which calls a function that draws the header to
CD> my page.

CD> Inside that function (site_header), is an include to a file (menu.php) which
CD> draws dynamic javascript menus based on
CD> cookie or session values.

CD> I can't seem to access ANY variables, be them $_SESSION, $_COOKIE, or
CD> anything else, inside this menu.php file.  I've tried even passing simple
CD> variables, globalizing them, etc, all the way down to see if I can access
CD> them in that menu.php file.  I still can't.. the closest I get is being able
CD> to access them in the site_header function, but when the include("menu.php")
CD> is called, everything seems to vanish.

CD> And yes, I have session_start(); at the top of my menu.php file as well..

CD> Can anyone help me out on this?  I was under the impression that the
CD> superglobals would be available from basically anything.. apparently I was
CD> wrong.

CD> Thanks,
CD> Chad

Get rid of that second session_start() you don't need it on included files only
on the main files which the browser is asking for.


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