Saturday, December 7, 2002, 9:43:47 AM, you wrote:
DO> Hi People,

DO> I ve just started with some OOP programming in PHP and now i have to 
DO> build a set of classes that can generate a html form.. But i have a 
DO> problem with the <select><option></option></select> thing....
DO> I hope someone can help me here or give me some pointers,... any help is 
DO> apreciated. Here is a part of my code :

DO> class selectField extends formElement {
DO>     //Constructor
DO>     function selectField($name, $value) {
DO>         formElement::setName($name);
DO>         formElement::setValue($value);
DO>     }

DO>     function generateSelectField() {
DO>         $theOutput = "<select name=\"".$this->name."\">\n";
DO>         foreach($this->value as $key=>$val) {
DO>             $theOutput .= "<option 
DO>         }
DO>         $theOutput .= "</select>\n";
DO>         Return $theOutput;
DO>     }
DO> }

DO> This is how i call the Object:

DO> $test[] = "Test1";
DO> $test[] = "Test2";
DO> $test[] = "Test3";
DO> $test[] = "Test4";
DO> $test[] = "Test5";
DO> $select = new selectField("testje", $test);

DO> But all i get is a select box with the word Array in it 5 times...Thanks 
DO> for your time...

DO> Best regards,

DO> Davy Obdam

The output function is wrong it should be

function generateSelectField() {
        $theOutput = "<select name=\"".$this->name."\">\n";
        foreach($this->value as $key=>$val) {
            $theOutput .= "<option value=\"".$val."\">".$val."</option>\n"; //this line
        $theOutput .= "</select>\n";
        Return $theOutput;


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