Sunday, December 8, 2002, 4:22:52 AM, you wrote:
DN> Hi Tom,

>> >> I know the text editor question has been beat to death, but I'm looking
>> >> for a simple editor with syntax highlighting that can be installed in
>> >> Windows by a general user. It would have to be something that didn't
>> >> access the registry, as normal users can't do that. Does anyone know of
>> >> a program like this? Thanks.
>> Take a look at this one it seemed to be pretty good, the closest I've seen
DN> to
>> homesite functionality without the bloat.
>> http://www.crimsoneditor.com/

DN> Looks interesting - and no registry finagling you say!
DN> One expects that John meant PHP syntax highlighting. From where is the PHP
DN> control file made available?

DN> Please advise,
DN> =dn

>From the same site


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