At 07:12 PM 12/7/02 -0500, Stephen wrote:
Another math question... How would I find the mode (number that repeats most
often) of an array? Then, if there isn't a number that repeats most often,
tell the user that.

For each entry in the array, count the number of times a value occurs:

while( list( , $Value ) = each( $MyArray )) {
$NumberHits[ $Value ] ++;

sort $NumberHits keeping the key/value pairs together. You can find a sort function that will do it here:

The first or last entry in the sorted array is the mode. If all the entries have the same number of hits there is no mode. I'm not sure what the mode of (1, 1, 2, 5, 9, 19, 19) would be, but I'm suspect a good definition of mode will tell what to do if more than one value ties for having the most hits.


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